“Tadah” a moment of triumph when diversity and inclusion wins.

Our mission is to drive equality at work.

We believe in US vs ME. TADAH stands for, Together Achieve Diversity and Harmony. Tadah is about collaboration, community and coming together to remove biases.

TADAH is an inclusive sourcing platform !!

“A curated talent pool of curated candidates”

TADAH offers employers:

  • Direct Sourcing – Tier 0
  • Customized intentionally inclusive database
  • Virtual diverse career fairs
  • Permanent hires
  • Contingent labor
  • Subscriptions to advertise on Tadah
  • Speaker opportunies at job fairs
  • Virtual power hours

TADAH offers her members

  • Jobs
  • Career counselling
  • Resume writing
  • Networking
  • Job search for its members

Sign up and join us every 6 weeks for a virtual power hour that we call “Ask me Anything” During this session we discuss issues such as, Why are job description so long and weird like ‘An accountant is required to have IT skills’, why during an interview process you need to interview with 5-6 people, why is diversity tracking so difficult, how to have your hiring manager more inclusive in their hiring practices.

TADAH welcomes leaders committed to inclusive hiring to speak to our TADAH members.

TADAH has a curated database of 250,000+ Members Let’s TADAH Together Today!

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