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In a June 2020 survey from McKinsey & Company they listed four factors that organizations need to address organizational barriers to a more inclusive workplace.

  • Diverse, inclusive Leadership
  • Meritocracy and initiative to increase fairness in performance evaluations
  • Sponsorship
  • Substantive access to senior leaders

Adopt inclusive behaviors. Given our survey data suggesting that feelings of inclusion often stem from inclusive leadership, it is important that individual leaders demonstrate inclusive behaviors. These can include participating in “allies” programs that support underrepresented groups, hosting open and honest conversations about people’s unique identities, calling out microaggressions when they see them, and posting signs of visible support for those groups in leaders’ offices.


Corporations are identifying TADAH as an ally. A clear sign of inclusive leadership. TADAH showcases and champions diverse people allowing corporations to cherry pick diverse candidates for every position that they are hiring, from top to bottom.

Here is an interesting article from on Diversity in the workplace

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More about TADAH from a recent staffing conference.


On April 13th 2023 – It was an honor to moderate a panel and be amongst –The A Team – “Anissa Berry, Allen Chilson, Amber Sherman and Anju Abel”, on LinkedIn Live. 

Our Topic – Building an Inclusive workplace. It was a stimulating session that showcased that the DEI is a driver in todays workplace. Diversity Empowers us – Together we are stronger – Tadah

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